Mancos Valley Dragonfly Preschool
Mancos Valley Dragonfly Preschool

Assistant Teacher Position

 Assistant Teacher

Pay: Dependent on Experience

Hours: Full time, 7:30-3:30PM Monday -Friday

Staff will begin the week of August 19th, students arrive early September

Role: As the Assistant Teacher you will help create a professional, peaceful, loving and respectful environment for students, families and staff by :

  • Supporting lead teacher as needed to provide a healthy, nurturing, creative and respectful environment for each child and follow our daily rhythm.  This may include specifically assigned tasks and will also require taking initiative when needed.

  • Assisting Lead teacher with behavior management and child engagement during group activities, transitions, and when working with individual children 

  • Participating in weekly staff/curriculum meetings

  • Participating in, plan, and/or lead seasonal family events/celebrations and fundraisers

  • Depending on other roles and staffing schedules, the assistant teacher may also lead nap time routine and/or lead afternoon class activities (with no more than 8 children)

Qualifications include:

  • Early Childhood teaching experience

  • Understanding of Waldorf education (experience preferred)

  • Ability to work cooperatively with colleagues and parents

  • Reliability and consistency

  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills

  • Adaptability to changes

  • Possess a warm, friendly, joyous demeanor

  • Compliance with all early childhood teacher requirements and licensing regulations. See below for more information.

An assistant early childhood teacher, assigned responsibility for a single group of children during times specified in 7.702.55, must meet one of the following qualifications: 

1. Completion of one of the early childhood education courses in Section 7.702.42, A, with a course grade of “C” or better and twelve (12) months (1820 hours) verified experience in the care and supervision of four (4) or more children less than six (6) years of age, who are not related to the individual. Satisfactory experience includes being a licensee of a family child care home; a teacher’s aide in a center, preschool or elementary school. Assistant early childhood teachers must be enrolled in and attending the second (2nd) early childhood education class which will be used as the basis for their qualification for the position of early childhood teacher; 2. Persons having completed two (2) of the early childhood education classes referenced in Section 7.702.42, A, with a course grade of “C” or better and no experience; or, 

3. A current early childhood professional Credential Level I Version 1.0 or 2.0 as determined by the Colorado Department of Education.