Mancos Valley Dragonfly Preschool
Mancos Valley Dragonfly Preschool



Thank you deeply for supporting our Vision! Mancos Valley Dragonfly Preschool relies on fundraising in addition to tuition to support its everyday operations and special projects. Your gift helps us to minimize tuition increases and help the school thrive. With your generosity, together we can help our school grow and flourish year after year. Below are a few ways to contribute financially to support and sustain our school.


But first, did you know? Colorado has something incredible called the Child Care Contribution Tax Credit. When you donate to an eligible child care center (MVDP!), you receive a 50% tax credit back.

So if you donate $1,000, you will get a $500 tax credit back towards your Colorado State income tax return. Amazing. Additionally, if you itemize on your federal returns, you can receive a federal tax deduction for donating to our non-profit.


Donate By Check

We would be grateful to receive your gift by check! Please make it out to Mancos Valley Dragonfly Preschool and mail it to the school at 7844 Road 41 Mancos, CO 81328. All donations are tax deductible, and the school will send a donation receipt before the end of the year, for tax purposes.

Donate Materials

We are starting from scratch. Contact us if you have classroom materials to donate or would like to provide them. Please see the photos throughout this site, to get a sense of what we are creating.

Donate on our GoFundMe site to raise money for start up costs!

Donate on GoFundMe

We can accept large donations of stock through our brokerage account. If you’re interested in donating this way, please contact us, and we’ll give you more information on how to proceed. Stock donations are not eligible for the 50% childcare contribution tax credit, but they are eligible for a federal tax deduction.

Donate Stock